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Calorie Restriction or Eat More to Live More

Is restricting calories optimal for health or should we eat more to live more? There has been a bit of controversy of late on the matter. I offer some opinions based on my own years of experience.

3 Reasons Why No One Should Be On a Raw Foods Diet

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners generally don’t recommend a raw foods diet. It is too difficult to digest and breakdown the cellulose fibers they claim. Raw foods are too yin they say and we need more yang. But what of this? What is the merit of these claims? Is there any merit at all in this advice coming from a system which is thousands of years old? Should raw fooders take this advice and change their lifestyle? I’ve seen raw fooders, even some prominent ones do just that.

Juice for Health?

In the last video we discussed juicing and some of the deleterious effects of juicing as a regular practice. Here we go into further detail and expound upon those points. Is juicing really all that it is cracked up to be in the health movement or should we treat juice and juicing with moderation or not partake at all?

Fully Raw vs The Back Up Plan

There’s been a lot of fruit festival controversy in the last few months and controversy in the raw food movement in general. People are fighting and bickering over avocados and potatoes. And what of it? How do we decide where to draw the line? How do we decide what to do for ourselves? Should we even be splitting hairs in this way which is splitting the community? Can’t we just all get along or is this a necessary part of our evolution? I offer some opinions on these points.

Woodstock 2013 – Another Great Success

This year’s fruit festival, Woodstock 2013, was a blast. Attended by 600 people, the festival has grown leaps and bounds and has gone from strength to strength facilitated by an able staff. In past years, the festival had gone through its growing pains, but this year, all the kinks and bugs had been worked out. I’m looking forward to Woodstock 2014 which will be held for two weeks as the festival has already outgrown the larger facility. Hope to see you there!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageodImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageoImagestoImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Evan and I Chat

Evan, aka Fruit Zen, and I chat in beautiful Topanga Canyon about fruit, health, Sun, prana, cycling, Gandhi and a few other things.


One of the main complaints that people seem to have on a high fruit diet is problems with teeth. I’ve heard people say that the reason is because of sugar, but in my experience, the reason for this problem is acid, acid particularly from unripe fruit, more especially, unripe acid fruit. By acid fruit, I am referring to citrus, pineapples, kiwis, tomatoes and the like.

Let us not forget that the fruit of the plant is the reproductive aspect of that plant, in other words, the seed pod. The seeds of the pod are not ready to reproduce until the fruit is ripe. At the fully ripened stage, the fruit is either eaten or drops from the tree on its own. Nature, in its brilliance, must protect the seed pod or the fruit on the tree until it is ready and does so by a concentration of an acid called salicylic acid which is in high concentration in unripe fruit. No animal in the wild would ever eat a fruit in this state, but man in his insistence on breaking every natural law, does so on a regular basis. I have yet to meet a person, without considerable experience on the high fruit lifestyle, who knows what ripe fruit is and when and how to eat it.

When fruit is left to ripen on the tree, the concentration of salicylic acid is low. Fruit that is picked before it is ripe, as with most store bought fruit, even if allowed to ripen off the tree contains a concentration of this acid which is still higher than normal. Sweet fruit, like bananas, have very little acid, but acid and sub-acid fruits are fairly high.

It is important to note that salicylic acid has a ph of 2.4. Soft drinks and commercial sodas have a ph of 2.5, making salicylic acid quite strong.

Personally, I had a considerable amount of dental problems a few years ago. I was eating a lot of acid fruit, often most of my calories would come from acid fruit, but what is more, I was eating a lot of it unripe. I was picking Valencia oranges, a summer fruit, far too early in the season and eating it. I was also eating a lot of pineapples, which even if are able to be obtained ripe outside of the tropics where they are native, are still picked early.

These days, all of my fruit, including acid fruit like citrus are eaten ripe and with living in Southern California are usually tree ripened. Tomatoes are bought at the farm that have been vine ripened. Pineapples, as much as I enjoy them, have been eliminated since they are never picked ripe when shipped and are difficult to ripen. Imported pineapples seem to retain the most acid of fruits that I have encountered as evidenced by the burning sensation in the mouth after eating. I am now also relying on bananas for a good portion of my calories which as mentioned previously, while being high in sugar, are low in acid.

After implementing these simple precautions and procedures, I am happy to report that I have not had a single incidence with dental issues for nearly 3 years!

In the earlier days of implementing these precautions, I would faithfully swish my mouth with water or a solution of baking soda and water after eating. These days, I find that it is not even necessary to do that, but as a precaution in the present days of the supermarket vs. the rainforest, it is probably not a bad idea. I will say that when I was swishing with the baking soda solution on a regular basis, my plaque level on visits to the dentist was next to zero. Having said that, there still isn’t much plaque accumulating on the teeth with a diet of fruits and shoots, but baking soda seems to have the ability of lifting stains from a surface.

I have also heard it theorized that a diet of fruits and vegetables is devoid of necessary nutrients thereby causing ill dental health. From my experience, I have found nothing to be further from the truth. A diet of fruits and vegetables is the most nutrient dense diet on the planet.

From my experience, dental issues while on a diet high in fruits are the result of the regular consumption of immature or unripe fruit or and including fruit which has been picked too soon.

To your health,


Harley and I Chat Bicycles

At our recent fruitluck in Santa Monica at the Palisades Park Totem Pole, we were lucky enough to have Harley Johnstone, aka Durianrider. Harley missed his connecting flight in LA due to a delay with his flight from NYC which delayed Harley in LA for 24 hours. It just so happened that we had our fruitluck on the same day, lucky for us, maybe not so lucky for him. Although, knowing Harley, he’s never one to miss an opportunity and in his book, opportunities are like ripe fruit, waiting to be found!

It’s always good to see Harley and he’s always generous and willing to lend a hand wherever he can. Check out the video at 3:05 where he makes some adjustments to my bike and goes over it with a fine tooth comb making sure that there are no cracks which could prove disastrous should the bike fail in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’d just ridden in from Silverlake, and while to the uninitiated, a 40 mile round trip ride may seem a bit excessive, to the hard core cyclist, it’s just business as usual!

Oh and there’s Sylvia Vale, the Vegan Ninja Bunny at 4:04 and that’s always a good thing. And look! There’s Robby Barbaro!

Hope to see you at our next Fruitluck as you never know who or what the wind may blow in.

Thanks Evan and Harley!

To your health,


Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012

I will be attending the Woodstock Fruit Festival again this year from August 20th to August 28th at Camp Walden in the southern Adirondack Mountains of New York, near Lake George.

Last year’s festival was an absolute blast with the general consensus being that it was simply the best event that any of us had ever attended. This year looks to be just as good, maybe even better with even more people attending.

If you’re like me and you like fruit, who doesn’t, and like to be around fellow fruitheads, this year’s festival is an event you won’t want to miss. There will be unlimited fruit and greens 24 hours per day for the entire event and so much more. Last year’s event was chock full of outdoor group activities, cutting edge lectures and dancing and campfires in the evenings.

There simply isn’t a more fun and informative event, for those living the lifestyle or those wishing to, around.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks Michael and Vic.


Nature’s Design

I find it interesting that people, upon having certain problems while on a particular diet, rashly jump and blame those problems on the diet. I am now referring, in particular, to a primarily fruit and vegetable based diet, or a diet of fruits and tender leafy greens with the inclusion of small amounts of raw nuts and seeds. Instead, in full faith of the perfection and completion of nature and the understanding of one’s exact place in that scheme, of closely and carefully analyzing one’s actions in one’s personal practice and trying to ascertain those shortcomings which would cause one to do anything but thrive, those individuals often blame the diet, ridicule the messenger and condemn that which the Creator put into place in the beginning.

I’ve heard people blame all sorts of things on the fruit and vegetable diet from loss of libido to being unable to maintain or attain muscle mass.

What these people do not realize is that the body takes years to correct years of abuse and unnatural living. They have a lack of faith in the design, in the natural plan. They are lost, having been unable to ascertain what the natural plan is in the first place.

Admittedly, it is not always so easy to discern what is natural from what is not in a world where false prophets and self-styled “teachers” abound. What is more, propaganda from the media instigated by the “food” industries lead most astray. The protein anthem is heard at every turn: “Where do you get your protein? Where do you get your protein?” Stuff and nonsense is spread by the three industries as they deal in death.

It took me over 12 years of eating fruit before my body was able to derive the full benefits of its nutrition. If one has trouble when first adopting such a diet, it’s not the diet, it’s you! How can a food, which our species was designed to eat, bring anything but the highest benefits? To think otherwise is not logical.

When I almost died of hyponatremia nearly 3 years ago, it would have been easy to blame it on the diet as most around me already had. However, not only did I make mistakes in the diet’s application which I ascertained from objective analysis, but it was also the first time in over 20 years that I had been absolutely stimulant free. To understand the significance of this, one must first understand the significance of the hormone, aldosterone. Aldosterone, among other functions, is responsible for the conservation of sodium. When sodium intake increases, aldosterone production drops. When sodium intake decreases, aldosterone production rises, thereby balancing one’s serum sodium level. However, aldosterone is produced by the adrenal glands, which, in most people, in our so-called “modern” society, are ravaged by lack of sleep, lack of carbohydrates, dehydration and stimulants. For the past 3 and a half years, I have been entirely stimulant free so my adrenal glands are more than likely doing the job they were intended to do, but that was more than likely not the case 3 years ago.

The point being is that if one is to succeed on any plan, one must have faith in that plan. I think that from the information presented in the post, Man the Frugivore, we may rest assured that man is indeed an herbivore/frugivore. If one, through careful analysis and meticulous study, can arrive at such a conclusion, the next logical step would be then to implement a plan based on that study and conclusion. The more logical one’s conclusion, the more dogged resolution one will have in carrying that plan out especially when one is faced with the consequences of either a body which is developing through the process or because of certain indiscretions which may be committed especially in the beginning of such a bold and rigorous step forward in one’s overall progress.