by Mark Tassi

Sometimes friends will ask for dietary advice. In general, they become particularly frustrated with a perceived inability to maintain a healthier lifestyle. In the post, Transition, definitive ways of doing this were discussed.

From the psychological aspect, as far as success in a healthier lifestyle or accomplishments in general are concerned, I find that it is not so much about discipline, but more about habit. If one starts to replace old habits with better habits and do that with joy with the thought of what one will gain rather than what one will deprive oneself of, then the journey has begun.

It’s not that discipline plays no role in this, but discipline in itself is a habit. And to rely solely on discipline is going to involve an endless struggle.

It is generally a journey of two steps forward and one step backward, so it is important not to beat oneself up but rather to show a kind and compassionate inward patience. As a person who has struggled with compulsive, emotional eating and behavior for over 25 years, beating oneself up is the last thing that one wants to do. Self derision in this way is a form of suppression rather than control and suppression always yields negative side effects.

The body wants to be healthy. The body rejoices in all things that make it healthy. If there are obstacles, then it is the conscious mind that stands in the way.

To your health and happy 2012 all!