The Christ Vibration

by Mark Tassi

As we know, health manifests on several levels, the physical being the most basic. For instance, would one rather be extremely strong and fit in body even to the Olympic level with a feeble or mentally ill mind? Or would one rather have a brilliant mind, yet feeble body. As for myself, I would certainly choose the later, the mind, of course, being more important than the body.

Having said that, would one prefer mental brilliance at the expense of basic scruples or morality? In a dark world, we see this over and over again, the use of mental prowess for selfish, shortsighted ends. Mental fitness is important. Spiritual fitness, however, is trebly important.

How then do we know if we are spiritually fit, and what is more, how do we become spiritually fit or work towards spiritual fitness? My friend,  Chrissie Blaze, some years ago, wrote a book called Workout for the Soul and addressed just that. In it, Chrissie talked about a spiritual way of life which includes spiritual exercises to develop one’s spiritual fitness. In the east, this is called sadhana or spiritual practice, exact, scientific exercises devised to develop and sensitize the human nervous system as well as a code of ethics to live by. Pantanjali, the great yogi and Avatar, devised the Yoga Sutras which became the basis of Raja Yoga, an advanced yoga of mental and spiritual development.

Prayer, too, is another powerful developer of what may be called spiritual fitness.  Prayer, properly and correctly practiced, is an exact science and a powerful way of invoking and transmitting spiritual energy. As per the great Mahatma Gandhi, “Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.”

The human nervous system is an instrument and can, through the application of the scientific methods of yoga, be finely tuned and when finely tuned the sensitivity of which can be greatly enhanced, the sensitized human nervous system still being the most sensitive of all instruments.

In this sensitization process, new vistas open to the aspirant. Synchronicities, so-called, become more and more apparent. One gradually becomes a brighter, healthier bulb in the Cosmic scheme, even if one cannot write one’s own name, even if one cannot walk a step without falling over. We are not human beings who have spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings that have human experiences.

One can only “tune in” with the expenditure of effort. Nothing can be gotten for nothing in this world or any other. I’ve heard of spiritual development referred to as “spiritual woo woo nonsense”. Indeed, there are many fakes and frauds in the spiritual movement, but true spirituality is an exact science!

I had an interesting little experience this Christmas season which I took as a sign of being tuned in. As I said, one can only tune in with the expenditure of effort. This Christmas, I made a particular effort to tune in to the celebration of the great birth. How does one do this? There are many ways. How do I do it? Giving, as a token of appreciation of the birth, I find to be one of the finest ways. But singing, decorating, card giving, these are all fine ways as well. I like to do all these.

This particular experience happened as a “synchronicity” a few days before Christmas. I’d been at Essene Market in Philadelphia with a friend. We went to the food bar. Interestingly enough, my salad weighed .33 pounds and with the 9 cent pair of chop sticks cost $3.30. To the materialist, this may have appeared as a strange coincidence. To the more spiritually-minded, coincidence and chance cannot exist in this or any other world and are words which should be stricken from the English language as they are meaningless. We also know that, in the ancient science of numerology, the number 33 is not only a master number, but represents the Christ Vibration.

What is the Christ Vibration?

As all things in manifestation are in a constant state of movement and therefore have a certain vibration, the Christ Vibration is that state of manifestation which is the embodiment of Divine Love. As such, it is the preservative force which upholds and preserves the entire Universe. The Christ Vibration, the Preserver, is The Son of The Father, which created the Universe.

Numbers too, have certain vibrations. The number, 33, embodies the Christ Vibration. This is probably the reason that Jesus chose the age of 33 to be crucified. He had to choose the exact cosmic moment for the great manipulation which He was to perform for it to have the predetermined and exact effect. It stands to reason that this exact moment would have fallen in His 33rd year.

The Christ Vibration manifests as a very high State of Consciousness. Jesus was the Personification of that State of Being.

It was interesting that this synchronicity should happen during the Christmas season at a market called “Essene”. I took this as a message from the Cosmos that this year, I had, in some small yet significant way, tuned into to the Christ, to the Christmas season.

Have a blessed Christmas season all.

To your health,



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